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It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to say goodbye to Tommi Co. My small business began several years ago when I was just 14, and has helped me to develop into the confident, determined and creative person that I am today. Tommi Co. opened up opportunities that I never would have dreamed were available to me, has helped me to discover my passion for business, and has built the foundations of my future. I am so grateful to each and every person that supported me - whether that was an encouraging message, a smile and wave at an event, or maxing out their credit card at the checkout!

I wish I could continue and expand Tommi Co. – and maybe I shall in later life – but for now it’s time for me to enter the next chapter. Tommi Co. has made me achieve so much at such a young age. I honestly cannot believe that I have 11,500 followers on Instagram, have sold over 900 products that I have crafted myself,  and have customers in 28 different countries all over the world. The journey from when I first had the idea, to what Tommi Co. has become today is absolutely extraordinary.

Once again, I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t have achieved anything that I have without you. Your love, your kindness and your belief in me and my pup has created a community that I shall never forget. I leave for America in June, and until then everything is going to be greatly reduced so you can get your final Tommi Co. buys.

Thank you, and goodbye.

With love,

Chloe & Tommi


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Dog in blue polka dot bandana

about us

Not long ago, a little spark of inspiration lit up a path of craft, design and adventure for a girl and her little dog, Tommi.

Together, we have created Tommi Co - a haven of colour and patterns - and we continue our journey of growing our small business everyday. We are so unbelievably grateful for the endless love and support you have given us.

Thank you,

Tommi & Chloe xX

chloe and tommi wearing a starfish dog bandana

"I absolutely love my bandana and bow! Great work and I look so cute in it! Can’t wait to shop more :)"

"I am so so happy with my Bow tie so happy that I’ve now ordered a bandana. Also, I love Tommi Co and am so excited to make more purchases in the future ☺️"

"Lovely shopping experience with Tommi! Couldn't rate them highly enough. Bought a lovely bow tie and bandana for Harry and we love them! The fabric is great quality and the fact that the bow tie has a velcro strap makes it so easy to put on! Will definitely buy again. Thank you!"

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